Eid Mubarak!

Eid mubarak brothers and sisters!(And to you my wives d; ) I just wanted to wish you all good luck and hope that not just for today, but the rest of your life is filled with happiness and success!

I shall be giving to you all gifts, I hope to catch you on later so that you may receive a present!

My first gift upon project city build is a $10 donation/gift. I apologize for not being more, but hey it’s something right?

Kol sana wenta salem everyone! :DD (Means that I hope every year you are safe and healthy)

cool thx ybm you da best!!! :smiley:

i wish i knew what half that stuff ment but whatevas


Ahhhhh your disappearance from the server earlier makes a lot more sense now! I shall get you a gift also, because I want to damn it!

D-d-does this mean I miss my gift just because I’m on holiday D:

And thanks for the donation :slight_smile:


I missed that bit :open_mouth:

Ymb you charitable so and so, you! Thank ye<3

Eid Mubarak to you ymb. I hope my laptop charger arrives soon so I can receive my gift :wink:

is confused and happy at the same time :smiley:

Yesterday was a muslim holiday, something we celebrate after we finish fasting. I was just wishing everyone a happy Eid(which is what the holiday is called)

Ha! And here I thought you were speaking gibberish. Thanks for the donation! I’m sure Spec appreciates any help he can get.