Economy Report Ideas

–Economy reports are going to be postponed until the website is fully fixed–

there needs to be someone eles doing stuff like this so we can get 2 views on money and the economy
and becouse right now ferr is in charge of prices and i think it should be up to more that just 1 person so ya

I don’t control any prices, except for in my store.

All that he does is a few simple calculations based on

–All areas of information for the Economy Report have been fixed, the next report is set for Friday, 12-06-13–

I can see ferr walking like a mad man on the stock market floor doing all these crazy calculations. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: why doesn’t PCB have a stock market at least a primitive one

In a way, item shops are like the stock market. If you play it right, you can buy an item at a low price and sell higher.

In theory ferr shouldn’t have to do anything. All somebody will have to do is modify the plugin so it writes to a JSON file instead of an HTML file and this can be parsed by a PHP script that does the economy report but (nearly) instantly updates, it could also draw pretty graphs!</nerdy stuff> This would also prevent allegations of corruption, nobody would actually do the calculations.

That would be cool, but with the workload of the admins i dont see it happening. iwould like to see it integrared and automated at some point.

Sounds like you know a thing or two about this Octo. Maybe you can help Andy/Ferr set this up?

I’d be happy to ;D ! However I know literally 0 things about java, but I’m sure somebody on the server codes it. My area of expertise is PHP so all we’d need to do is tweak the output of the economy page to at least a PHP readable format or preferably JSON or XML. I’d also need to know what calculations ferr does so I could convert those into code and also, if required, graphs.

The ChestShop plugin writes the logs to a text file. All you will need to do is scrape the data from the file and put it into a table and delete the file. Once we have that you should be able to easily calculate averages, based on time periods (last 7 days etc).

Isn’t that what happens now?

I think Octo wants to automate these posts so you don’t have to do as much. Your articles that go along with the calculations are very valuable too. Those can’t be automated, but they can be added to posts that are made for you. Isn’t that right?

It should be possible to make it automated, I believe, as with Staff apps and whatnot.

The approach I go on depends on whether the webserver supports cron. If it does, every day at midnight server time a record will be made of the prices for comparison. Then every hour the current prices will be parsed and comparisons will be shown. A week’s worth of midnight logs will be kept to show progression over the week.

If the server doesn’t support cron then I’ll have to wait for my OVH dedicated server to be installed and the actual daily and hourly logs will be stored on my server and read by the PCB server.

I’ve found a PHP library that can load an HTML table (the current format of the econ page) into PHP arrays so no Java code would need to be modified.

If I need any more details who should I PM?