Economic Protest

I want to call to attention some of the features of the current economic system employed by the Market at spawn.
I and a number of others have recently formed businesses to sell goods to the public in order to make a personal profit. I noticed that others have acquired money by merely selling certain goods to the market.
Obsidian for example. Its not hard to acquire if you have the tools, but the stuff sells at 25 per block to the market. If you go sell a stack of this not-so-rare substance, you will make $1,600 off the bat. I see this as unfair because regular businesses have to sell to people, and are at the whim of supply and demand. They can survive or fail on their own in a realistic manner, and what i see in the market’s buying system is an exploitable get-rich-quick method that puts out alot more cash alot faster with alot less work than actually taking the time to organize a business and make stores and sell products.
I feel that the ability to sell items to spawn should be either removed or drastically reduced to the point that major profit can not be earned from the massive pawn shop.

First I would like to say that I do not disagree with the fact that obsidian shouldn’t be sold at 25 a block, that is very outrageous price and should be lowered. This being, I do believe that the market should be able to sell, just a low price, if you take at the market (at the moment at least), “the trust” is the only place to sell blocks. For those who don’t know much about economics, that is a monopoly, and the reason monopolies are frowned upon is that then this company (the trust) can jack up the price at any time they would like. I was told that this was not a play at economic domination but it could still turn out this way, you may be able to control your own shops price, Velite, but how do you control every person shop.

I have to say i disagree. First, i use the market to help out my friends, by buying them supplies for stuff and more. I see no issue with the current economic system. I do agree, however, that obsidians selling price NEEDS to go down significantly, because alot of people will exploit that, but when thats fixed, other people will find another exploit. It’s best to let people ruin the fun for themselves, instead of messing with the current market system. I agree with some of your points, but i see that little to no change is really necessary in my opinion. Im not trying to start anything, but to just express my feelings for this.

the problem is not in Buying items from the shop, but selling items To the shop.
As for the economic qualm about monopolization, and prices soaring through the roof:

  1. We cannot sell above market prices or nobody will buy it
  2. Competition: If somebody else sells at a lower price, then it is likely that people will buy from them instead, so prices go down. That’s how prices are controlled.
    And competition IS arising to the trust. For example: Narfnin’s depot opened recently (although i’d like to say narfnin has some good deals actually).
    I have no problem with buying from the market. It should be there for getting what you need, but at a cost.
    I can also see logic in simply reducing many of the ‘buy’ prices. A re-evaluation of market prices to appropriate values would suffice.

I think that at least make the obsidian cheaper cause you are making a lot of money, but then it takes away the whole point of players markets. They can make big bucks real easy, this is just what i think and my opinion about this.

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My mistake in my post i did indeed mean, sell to the market. I didn’t mean buy items from the market so the monopolization is not in buying items but in selling them back, this is also where the competition comes in. Also, is Narfnin buying items?

Velite the money in the market is not infinite. BASICALLY the market is a bank, Banks dont have infinite money, banks spend money (which is you selling to it) and people give money to them( which is you buying from it) which is expected to keep the money flow in the market in balance. Some people might go and sell a whole bunch of things to the market but it probably wont be obsidian, it would take 10 minutes to mine a stack and I dont think to many people have the patience to do that. And hell if I had a stack of obsidian I would make a valut or something i wouldn’t sell if for money to buy something eles. Maybe the people are selling to get money to buy something at your stores?

Keaton maybe I am wrong in this, but if it is not infinite, then there is a LOT of money if you don’t want that bank to go down fast, I’d lower it. PS- I had the patience to mine 2 stacks…

IRL Banks control everything, the federal reserve just asks for money from the mints and the mints send it to the reserve where it is distributed. People borrow said money plunging EVERYONE into debt. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never seen gggeeee say something so smart, no offense.
But i agree that some people do have the patience to go mine obsidian I myself do not have the money to go buy tools (I’m poor) and nor do I have the patients to go mine you could try raising the money you earn from killing monsters and people will have the chance of losing their stuff on a hunt.

This is why when Atlanta is pasted, it will be a very fixed but flexible economy. Meaning ANY business who is looking to open up in my fast paced growing city will be able to rise up and do well BUT there will be laws from making prices so low to the point where it offsets the economy (64 bread for 1 coin) and threatens a Recession of sorts.

Other cities are welcome to join into my plan which calls for selling laws in their cities along with a mayor/government system for zoning, planning, inspecting businesses, transportation dept, etc.

Highly realistic idea that will work if executed correctly, I will attempt this IMMEDIATELY when Atlanta is pasted.

I would like you guys to look into Capitalism. That is what is going on here for the most part, yet it can be exploited majorly. Maybe we can put some restrictions into place when it comes to the Market, I know there is a plugin that can change the price of items in the market dynamically also.

Though I should not governments DO NOT set prices in traditional Capitalism, market prices sustain themselves. NO Government Intervention. With a market that does calculations based on supply and demand that could be helpful. Though maybe keep it how it is, and try to keep it so one can’t exploit it easily. I don’t think we can set up a perfect market by any means, we can get close but there are always going to be a few problems.

ANDEH. We need a PCB Stimulus Package. Idk about you guys but my coffers are always almost empty and I am having MAJOR trouble getting by especially when I have a business chain to take care of :L

we as a server need to convert to socialism :stuck_out_tongue:

So… Whats this?
Occupy Wall Street… IN MINECRAFT?

Dont make me get my InkSack tear gas, and my stick.

Peace-full protest or not. I want an excuse to use my stick. :3

I think we would need a legit functioning wall street might help people who like me when i graduate from high school then college can some how get to know how the real world works.

The obsidian sell price has been fixed. Adding obsidian was a last minute decision and I mucked up the price on that. But you now buy it for 50 and sell it for 1.

The market economy has been vastly improved compared to the one we used to have in 1.7. We previously made the sell price 70% of the buy price. In this new marketplace, the selling price is usually from 10-50% of the buy price. On items that that are easy to farm such as dirt, wheat, seeds, reeds they are made cheap so that there is not productive to sell large quantities to make lots of money fast.

Food items can only be sold to the market at 20% of the buy value. This gives player shops lots of room to sell their food at vastly lower prices compared to the market.

Other items such as weapons, diamonds etc are made very expensive, making player shops selling these items more attractive.

These prices can be changed based on your feedback. If you think something is too cheap or too expensive, let us know and we can change them.

Everyone ignores me -_-

That would be an interesting idea. I know this sounds dodgy but take runescape as an example. Bear with me on this.

Runescape’s grand exchange is much like the real life stock market. People buying and selling items instead of shares, but the prices still rise and fall. it would be interesting to see if we could create a plugin like that and somehow integrate it into the chest shop system so prices can either be set and then rise and fall with the market. However the price difference remains the same between player shops and the admin shop (average price). There would have to be a cap on this for example nothing can be bought for less than 1 credit.

Is this possible and would anybody be up for the challenge?

EDIT: Just because nobody responds instantly doesn’t mean you’re ignored. I had been waiting to gather my ideas up before posting this :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a plugin that does that, as I said earlier. When I get home I’ll find the link.