ebonycub4195 - 8th of September, 2013


Minecraft Username ebonycub4195

Date of Ban 8th of September, 2013
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by

Reason for Ban appently I greifed

Reason to be Unbanned I didn’t greif

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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i haven’t heard that one before =P
You were banned by Marco, who will be with you shortly im sure

You griefed someone his house, logs never lie.

Now, give a fair answer and explain, Or you wont get unbanned.

sorry this is a quote i couldnt figur out how to post a reply if this log your taking about is apart of that village that place apently was aboundond a long time ago acordding to some people i broke the carrots there and a log becuase it was a village someone had boreded up so i was intested in seeing what they werer hiding sorry if you guys get butthurt for breking into a npc village

sorry if you guys get butthurt for breking into a npc village
Your response was going oh so well up to that remark. Not a good attitude to have if you want to be unbanned.

Marco was referring to block change logs. We have a tool that allows us to see which players broke or placed specific blocks.

well im sorry :’( i didnt mean to offend you but its true the only place i broke into was a npc village how did i know it was someones

lol i didnt nOtice this my names liam as well!

Ok, I belive in second chances.

Soneone please unban him (I’m at school)

Edit: internet is working again, unbanning now