Easy server restart contact

Surly there is an easy way of getting in contact with andy every time the server goes down that i dont know about? iv only been on here 3 days and its gone down 5 times, one time for about an entire night, i know i dont really want to nag but i really like this server and its occupants, is there a way we can contact andy the moment the server crashes to warn him and to hopefully get it fixed and back up again sooner?

I do need some sort of sleep. The server always seems to go down during this time for some reason

ok, dont worry about it =], was just wondering.


as far as i can tell its been down for two days now XD, could really use an easy email address or something right about now aye? :stuck_out_tongue:

just go into the member list and email him via that

The server was on last night.

If you guys need an easy way to contact Andy you can email him or come on IRC and talk to me. I’m usually online and I have contact with him.