East Claytons 1 week Celebration!

Hello Everyone!

Tomorrow will be East Claytons 1 week Celebration! Everyone are welcome. There are going to be fireworks too.

I hope i will see you there ;D !

Legoal101 East Claytons Mayor

Sorry for my bad English.

please everyone turn up especially the owners and founders of clayton ,it would mean the world ;D

I will make sure that I can come!

I will do my absolute best to be there! =)

Mayor of East Clayton? Huh? I’m sure we didn’t appoint a “East Clayton” mayor nor is there a “East Clayton” district…

I’ve never heard about this ‘East Clayton’ district and I certainly didn’t know Legoal101 was the mayor of it. xD

When are the celebrations happening?

Its actually ~Sand District~ but i am going to call it East Clayton. Because it sounds better and its probably going to be a warp.

PS I am the mayor of East Clayton.


Sorry for my bad english

So is it a part of Clayton or is it another town?

It is a part of Clayton.

Who made you mayor?

Sam, Zwinky organised with Lego that SandCity would merge with Clayton and become its own district which I guess Lego has decided to call East Clayton.

Oh right, I get it now. I didn’t know this was going on xD

The Clayton Adminstration has decided that the merger will not happen. Please refer to “East Clayton” as “Sand City” onwards.