Earning Money On Survival

In game money can be earned from a number of ways.

Daily quests have been added to the survival server. These can be completed every 24 hours. The questing menu can be accessed with /quest or /q. For more details go to /warp quest. To start a quest type /quest give [quest name]. Kills with a bow do not count. Quests are lost and need to be restarted if you log out of the server.

  1. “HUNTER” - Kill 10 spiders, 10 zombies, 10 skeletons. Reward $50
  2. “CREEPERS” - Kill 10 creepers. Reward $25
  3. “ENDERMEN” - Kill 10 endermen. Reward $25
  4. “UNDEAD” - Kill 10 pig zombies, 10 blazes. Reward $50
  5. “WOLFMAN” - Tame 4 wolves. Reward $25

More one off quests will be added soon. At the moment they are:

  1. “BACKSTAB” - Tame a wolf and then kill it. Reward $50

Voting for the server on mcserverlist at http://mcserverlist.net/servers/4ffb97ff6c4aa6001e000845# will earn you $100 every 24 hours. Make sure you type your name in the Minecraft username field first!

Player shops can be created at /warp market. Each chest-sign shop costs $100 to create (reimbursed when destroyed). Other players can sell or buy items from your shops. Alternatively you can sell your items to the admin shop.

Check out the current July building contest. First prize includes $5000 in game money.

hahhaha, i have done backstab so many times now, where is my money! XD

Lol, now to tame a family or two. XD

I remember jumpquest… <3 so much fun. I wish that would come back. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh an YAY WE CAN GET MONEY AGAIN! ;D

nice, can’t wait… Sacred will be in the millions of dollars by the end of the week XD

but jus wondering… shouldn’t Endermen be a bit higher? those buggers are quite hard to kill.

No there’s a cool down on them shadow so people can’t do that :stuck_out_tongue: And well endermen are easy to kill if you go to the end and hide in a 2 high doorway. :stuck_out_tongue:

point taken

He will find a way. I just know it. Selling stuff perhaps? It would only take one of his mountains of diamonds to do so, right? Three mountains at most!

Time to get filthy rich.