Early bday!!

Hey guys It’s really early to celebrate my birthday but… Guess what? I’m gonna go to Florida in the summer as my bday present soooo I might not be able to play PCB as much. I might find a place with wifi and play on classic Occasinally. My trip starts June 12! Bye everyone and thanks to all those players who keep me playing on this server! Because with out you guys I would never played on this server. I’m coming back on June 20 so I will be playing more classic after that! Also where are you guys gonna go tis summer? I’ll still be able to play on classic until my trip to say my good byes. :’(

Have fun, and happy birthday for then xD No idea where I’m going in the summer, parents keep looking at places then changing their minds xD But, I am going skiing in Zell Am See in Austria over new year :smiley: (Again. But last time I did no skiing as I was ill the whole time D:)

HAve a nice trip andy, and think of ideas for your pro project!

My dad works for teh airport, and i have uncles and aunts all over the world so… lol im going everywhere!
But i do know im definenently going to Italy and London.

Are you going to the Olympics or just sightseeing? Also, if you need to and haven’t already, good luck booking a hotel…

This summer. Not going anywhere besides shore. Cant afford nice places.

I am probably just Gona stay home and work on my art skills. :stuck_out_tongue: