Eagleskif365 - Banned For Building In Site of Spawn

2 Things:
What did i build
and was it big enough to matter
o and sorry i really didnt mean to if i did i play with a gunch of people i know on there. Could i please get unbanned, I play with a bunch of people in the server

OK just a few things to add to this ban appeal. It was a long time ago so I’m doubting there was any eye witness you can ask rham… if he thinks i would do it on purpose and yea sorry again. Next time I’ll be more careful.

I think you should be unbanned, I think you understand why and not to do it again.

Thanks but also (more out of curiosity) was this in a cave? I dont know if the block logs are that specific… all i know is I was exploring a very large cave at the last time i was on and it may have extended into the spawn area (i didn’t go too far out of it because i didnt have fly mod at the time, now i do.

2 things:

  1. You were banned by Brodur so you will have to wait for him to come forward with a final decision.

  2. You spelled your name wrong. The ban logs show eagleskif365.

EDIT: Changing topic name to avoid further confusion :slight_smile:

Ok, I have banned 2 people around that date for building near spawn so bear with me please, one was on top of a tree just outside the protection, and then another (most likely you) dug an ugly hole into the mountain at spawn, so ok, it was not exactly building lol. But i feel you should be unbanned, if not for only the maturity of your post.

Unbanned. Locked.