eaglesKID365 still banned

I was unbanned in the last post and I apolagize for posting again but my name is Eagleskid365 not eagleskif365 the ban logs were wrong for some reason but I am positive it is kid and I still can’t get on.

may i ask which server i will unban

My bad its creative i forgot it kinda seems like survival.

ill try to get around to it we are having tons of problems

I know I can modify the ealier post but just to make sure this one is read… I’m not exactly sure if its SMP or creative… I just know that its the one that had 2 spleef arena’s, and some town with a highway.

that would be smp then ill unban as soon as possible.

I unbanned from every server so you should be all set.

Gah… It’s saying “Can’t Resolve Hostname” any ideas?

Im stilled banned from the creative server and gggeeee said he would unban me

idk eagles and i dragon im doing it now

Please don’t post in another ban appeal your issue. Use your own thread or make a new one.

If this has been resolved for both of them then will someone please lock this.

I believe it has, I know for a fact dragon has been unbanned but I haven’t seen eagles in a while. Locked.