E3 Thread

So it’s that time of the year when stuff is announced. Yay. There’s probably a lot of stuff I missed so feel free to reply with other stuff.

Here are some announcements selected in no particular order that I found interesting.

Fallout VR

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, which is a standalone game and not Dishonored 2 DLC

The Evil Within 2

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

[size=1.45em]Life is Strange
A prequel series to Life is Strange was announced. Dontnod are currently working on another game (Vampyr) as well as a sequel series, so this prequel was developed by Deck Nine Games.

Dontnod’s game Vampyr had a new trailer released.

[size=1.45em]Metro Exodus
An open world game in the Metro franchise

[size=1.45em]Devolver Digital
They went for some bizarre satire of the shit companies do at their E3 conferences. I haven’t actually watched it yet so I’m not sure if they actually announced anything.

PC Gaming show has started on Twitch

Bethesda FAILED gigantically.
it is so sad that they start doing paid for mods Again under a different name.
and no elderscrolls series follow up. it’s 7 years since Skyrim.
why are all companies focusing on VR.

and Minecraft players from all different console (except PSN) can play together soon

It’s almost impossible that there won’t be an elder scrolls 6, but fallout 4 was extremely popular too, and so is VR. How do you make money out of people? Combine their favourite things. They said after fallout 4’s release that they will be focusing on the ES series more, so theres definitely something in the works atm, just not enough to show yet.

Plus, after seeing the fallout 4 VR trailer, I REALLLYYYY want the vive!!! Sadly i have no money…

…I accept charity…

Even if Bethesda Game Studios were to have announced a new game, it wouldn’t have been ES7. Todd Howard said in February that they’re working on three new games, two “classically Bethesda” (so RPG?) games and a new mobile game, and Pete Hines said in June of last year that they’re not working on ES7 “for many years”.

I guess BGS have got bored of working on just ES and FO. Both Skyrim and FO4 were underwhelming compared to there predecessors, FO4 in particular. I think that they’ve lost the creative ‘spark’: They didn’t make Skyrim and FO4 because they wanted to, they made them because fans expected it. Hopefully with whatever new IPs they’re working on it’ll result in much better games.

Also, games like FO4 and DOOM coming to VR will help VR become more commonplace. Right now it’s expensive because it’s pretty niche, but AAA game devs like Bethesda taking it seriously will help that.

Where the VR technology is now, its just overrated. It isn’t immersive, it isnt entertaining and it. Tbh, it just gives me a headache. Its a waste of money to port large games like that into VR, users will get bored and get a headache in minutes.

Also, Fallout 4 was a spectacular game- just not compared to past fallout titles. Its unfortunate, I thought it was amazing walking around Boston and the graphics were great. Fallout 4 didnt have as good a story or dialogue as NV but it was still a great game to my standards.


I haven’t really seen anyone talk about it so i guess i will…
I love the dishonored series, sooooo much. In all honesty, if they didn’t come out with a second one, i probably never would’ve bought a gaming comp. The first one was a amazing. The second one ( in my opinion) was absolutely beautiful, with fully voiced characters, a more diverse guard and civilian population, knew location, knew mechanics, a compelling story, and a lot of context that was needed after the first games dlc. But idk how this knew standalone game with billie lurke and daud is gonna playout among fans. In the dlc for the first game, you had to hate her, she was just atrocious. The second game really made up for that and redeemed her character. I love both dauds and billie lurks relationship/stories, but is it enough for a standalone game? especially when it deals with the idea that your killing off arguably the biggest character of the series… Idk, still gonna buy it, still going to enjoy, every. last. minute. of it.

A game called The Last Night was announced at E3. It’s very interesting stylistically, combing pixel graphics with realistic 3D lighting. Due to be released in 2018 for XBO and PC.


Ubisoft announced and showed off their new game (coming in 2018) called Skull and Bones, which takes the sailing mechanic from Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, adds onto it, and becomes a standalone game. You can sign up for the (free) closed beta here by signing in using a PSN, XBL, Facebook, or Ubisoft account and clicking the white “sign up for beta” button within the big red circle on the left; don’t have to fill in any information, just verify what email you want them to use. They’ll email you if you’ve been accepted for the beta.

You play as a pirate captain, commanding your own ship, and can form pirate ‘gangs’ (called such by Ubisoft) with your friends, combating other players online in 5v5(?) matches, destroying each others’ ships.


there is also a beta for Age of Empires