Dynmap still down?

I’ve been wondering when exactly the dynmap is going to come back up? Just a question, thanks!

After a series of events, dynmap had to be taken down, it should be put back up soon

it was taken down because, as javi said a series of events. However, it’s the reason it’s still down is because they are currently looking into how to disable the chat, which isn’t as simple as going into the config file, as the code of the plugin itself needs to be changed. Therefore it may be a little while before it’s back up again.

There IS a config option, called “allowwebchat”.

well, it hasn’t been looked into very well then :stuck_out_tongue:

Most staff can’t actually do anything about it, as we don’t have a clue how the fuck to do plugin stuff. As far as I’m aware, it’s down to andy, spec or sip, who are often busy with more important stuff.

So, instead of being constantly impatient and getting on our backs for something we have no control over, how about just dealing with this tiny inconvenience and keeping quiet for a while?

It will get fixed, some people could be more appreciative of that rather than being arses.