Dynmap rendering

This might be a dumb question, but I wanted to know why my dynmap doesn’t render completely. There are some black spots in which the image doesn’t appear appropriately and I wanted to know if this happens only to me (due to my computer graphics, probably) or if it happens to everyone.

In case it happens to everyone, is there any way that we can make those black holes disappear? I thought the image didn’t show up because no player had already been there physically in-game, but recently I went to one of those regions that appear black in the dynmap (I’m talking about the black hole that appears south of Suburbia and west of Cyssor) and the black hole is still there.

Any help?

those chunks are just areas which haven’t really been discovered yet. to make them go away someone needs to be active there

Or an admin has to do /dynmap fullrender ([b]@Admins: Only do this when there are only a few people online. it can make the server lag! It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes though)

Thats why it hasnt been done.

When I come close to the black spots, and do stuff for about 4 minutes in the area, nothing even happens on dynmap.

Generally we render the whole map. But this time I decided not to (more so for the survival map) because people were using it last time to raid all the temples/claim all the nice land at the start of a map reset.

And ever since then, I haven’t had the chance to with people always on the server (when I’m online).

Perhaps we can make an exception for the Creative map though? There is a lot more un-rendered area on that map and Creative is just starting to really boom with player activity compared to these past few months. When new members come to creative and ask where they can build their space to build is limited since everything right by cspawn are places where they cannot build. Usually if somebody asks I just go on the dynmap, teleport to some coords and have the member build wherever. I think it would be super helpful if we can at least do it for the creative map since there is no gain of materials like there would be for Survival that would be great because it’s getting to the point where desired land that’s visible on the dynmap is now becoming taken by others.

Actually the issue with the temples was when we created the last map, and we didn’t have a full render then either.