DynamicCommands as a plugin.

In the past I have suggested we add simple reference commands like /register and /map to easily get links for PCB services. But now I am giving an easy way to do it.
With this plugin, made by my developer, you can with only 2 lines of config, create new text based commands. Colour codes work as well. I am sending a video demonstrating the custom commands and will send the plugin jar to @_andy if requested.
Currently you need to reboot the server after adding commands and to get the config but we have a version in the works that will allow you to instantaneously create commands!


This sounds really cool!

But isn’t this like the 4th plugin you’ve suggested this month? xD


TBH, we could do this with Essentials plaintext. How to do it is on the Essentials wiki. Don’t need to bulk up when what you need is already in Essentials.

Fuck off Mount stop messing with my business expansion

Or, we can continue adding new commands to PCBridge that do the same thing ourselves? XD

No need to get steamy, I don’t really see the big point of this since I have the pcb website and pcb dynamap on my bookmarks bar, and I havent reached a level of such laziness of not wanting to type commands or just type pcbmc.co on chrome or whatever

Yeah, well, imagine how much simpler for new players it would be to do ‘/register’ and have the signup process described and then linked to them would be than getting spammed by 50 asshats.

Solution: if a staff member is online, let us handle it. Being helpful is not a competition; it’s annoying and confusing when too many people are trying to help out, and often times, misinformation gets spread. We’re perfectly capable of answering questions. You’re welcome to help out if there are none of us around, or if we’re busy, but otherwise, just let us handle it.

I’ve added in a /map, /register and /donate command. An extra plugin just for that was a bit overkill since it’s achievable with Essentials.

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: