Dynamic Map Suggestion

It would be very interesting to have the outline of the cities outlined in the dynamic map. This would help with knowing exactly what is claimed and how far you are from other towns. It would also be easy to locate the larger cities, and other cities close to yours. Here is an example I have found with such a thing as I’m proposing:

Well - if ops(maybe?) could get the worldedit region functions, and be able to set owners, and welcome messages, and whatnot, we could do this without installing anything extra…

The problem with the example, is the add-on plugin that outlines the areas is for Factions specifically.

I have no idea on the inner workings of the live map.

Is there a limit to the number of ‘factions’ you can have on the live map? If there is none, then I don’t see why we can’t use it for town perimeters instead.

You do know that some people want A HUGE amount of land around to keep their land from being destroyed …

Steampunk does

Basically, what im saying is that to accomplish the ‘faction’ layout, we would have to in turn download another plugin, Factions, to be able to claim the area. Then we would also need this plugin to view the factions land on the map.

However, with the addition of the factions plugin, it will MAKE players want to pvp and have wars.

Also, the factions plugin is limited in the fact that a player can only be in one faction at a time.

Honestly, Ive tried to use Factions before on a server, to make the city parameters, but first off, it isn’t streamlined. The plugin isnt meant to be used in this fashion, it is meant for PVP servers.

I personally like the idea, but i believe that it could be made better, and a easier transition if we just used WorldGuard and Dynmap=WorldGuard. Basically what these 2 plugins do is show the different regions in the map. Only thing is would be that (rank)+ would have to get these couple of nodes…

[code]Note: these node are probably for mod+



This would be for trusted?


This would allow staff to be able to create the region for city leaders, then adding the city leader as owner of the region, allowing the leader to redefine, add dnter and leave messages, add city residents, council, etc… For the regioms that the said person has ownership of.

Then I guess it isn’t a plausible idea.

Let me at least finish my post, i believe ive got a failproof method.

Finished it.

I don’t like all those spots on the map O.o But it would be Nice if we get more of those Icons everywhere saying what what is

The color and opacity of the areas can be change to where it is just the outline aswell

After reading everything posted, it seems like a whole lot of work in general.

We could just add icons on the map and place them on the center of each official town.


The original suggestion is denied, but the town icons is accepted.