I know there is.a shit ton of work being done by andy and special, but when is dynamap going to be back up proper? Eeverytime I go to use it it shows the lobby’s map, and nothing about cmp smp or players on at that time…

It’s up, shad. Try this link.

Shad. On the side there are a bunch of map options like Lobby, Survival The End, Survival, Creative etc. You have to actually select which one you want to view.

SELECTING?!?! WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!!?11one1/!/slash1/??!?/?/1??!!?!
Yeah, he’s right. Hover your mouse over the right hand side and it appears.

.> but i did… and i didn’t see that… i feel kinda dumb now.

ok ill shut up now, just lock this Q.Q