Dyna spam Suggestion

After witnessing a violent word war between steve and spaz (mostly steve), I ask if the developers of PCB can make the dyna chat togglable. This would help arguments involving the dyna chat much more manageable without having to use threats of banning.

Ask the developers of dynmap. It’s been suggested to them previously from others, it is not a top priority for them.

There is a way you can turn chat off in general. It’s in your chat settings. You can make it invisible or just plain turn it off.

First, Sipjca, that’s what I’m doing here.
Second, Myth, if I turn off my chat, I can’t see the chat I might need to see, like trades.

bottom line. no one should be using the Dyna map for spam or profanity. if they do, they will be IP banned if they do not listen and stop.

once and if they are unbanned, they will have to wait for a server refresh before they can rejoin.

Can we lock this now?