Dye Rarity

Just random chart I made, with the most rare/expensive dyes ontop. This is a good rule to use when making rooms or buildings.

[li]Light Gray[/li]
[li]Light Blue[/li]

Um, black isn’t rare. It’s made with squids and swords.

No dyes are really ‘rare’. It’s just getting enough to do anything is hard. Killing squid is harder than picking flowers.

If I were to make a list it would look something like this:
Least Rare:
Yellow - You just have to find some flowers
Red - Again, flowers
Black - Just kill the derpy squids, they deserve it! You also get a maximum of 3 versus 2 for nearly every other dye
White - Comes from bones, which nearly everybody has shitloads of, however bonemeal is useful for other things
Green - Relatively easy, comes from cactus which aren’t that rare once you find a desert however it needs smelting

Brown - Comes from rare cocoa beans, however once you have one you can start a whole farm
Blue - Needs mining and is quite rare.

These are all the 1.6.4 primary colours, the rarity of secondary colours depends on the ingredients.