Duplicating Items

Today it was found out that some members of the community were duplicating items. They have been given a warning that if it happens again they will be banned. They didn’t think it was something that serious.

This is a banable offense. Why?

Because on this server we don’t allow users to spawn items, because its a survival server not a creative server.
Duplicating items is considered the same thing, once you get any block you are able to duplicate it, gaming the whole trade and survival aspect of the server. Once you are able to get that block you can technically have infinite amounts of that block.

For all of those currently doing it, I would recommend turning yourself in now, you wont be banned and will also get a warning.

This is a warning, that if you do this, or continue to do this in the future, you will be banned.

How were they duplicating them?

With pistons. Would rather not exactly explain how for obvious reasons. I should also give credit to Brodur who realized they were duplicating items.

Oh yes, i know of this glitch. It was fixed in 1.7.3 so i urge everyone to update their game.

i was just going to say that… is there a way to make 1.7.2 incompatible with the server?

I think the server is running on 1.7.2. Im not 100% sure but if someone with a 1.7.2 game came on they wouldn’t be able to do this bug on a 1.7.3 server because their computer isn’t running the code to do those actions it would be the server. And therefore the bug wouldn’t work. If the server is on 1.7.2 server firmware (I guess) then it would be good to get on the latest version, but that’s a hassle for andy if he also has to reinstall the plugins and stuff, especially when 1.8 may be right around the corner and he has to do it again.

Sip got it right. I wonder how difficult the update to 1.7.3 would be. I actually doubt Andy would need to update any plugins. The update was a minor one and may still be compatible.

I’m not to concerned either way. Most items won’t transfer over to the new map.

Actually, Bukkit RB1000 (1.7.3) breaks a lot of plugins which means I would have to update most of them. 1.8 is approaching soon and it’s just more convenient to update things in one batch (it preserves my sanity).

We will be updating to a new map regardless, we’re just undecided on what to bring over asides from towns.

Well, we have our answer. I had made the assumption that since the player’s update had no visible changes or problems with the server, that the server update was minor. Even the fly mods still worked.

You know what they say about assumptions right?