Currently needing one more resident for Dunecity so we can have a warp. The city contains a mine, farm, some pre-built housing, and a Spleef/pvp multiplex(work in progress).

Rules: Build the majority of your house with Sandstone, sand, wood, and cobblestone. No griefing (duh). No stealing (duh again). Keep to the desert theme please.

Just swim, fly, or run to the desert near the spawn (-3,65,690). Hope to see you there!

(P.s: move this to the town thread please)

Can dunecity have a warp now? We have 5 residents (Myself, Sliether, narfin, Ka, and …uh), tons of buildings (multiplex, shop, cd factory, and other houses), and a farm.

Yes. When I see you on I’ll make it for you :slight_smile:

Already made the warp :wink: beat ouhai to it mwahahahahaaaaa. Oh and congrats to making DuneCity.

shameless ad buy your food from taco bell in DuneCity1

You forgot me :frowning:

Sorry about that, and thanks for the warp Ka!!!

No problem :slight_smile:

Please delete this thread. Dune city is to be deleted.

i mean, ill lock it, but there is no reason to really delete it. its part of PCB history as far as im concerned

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