dumb ways to die MC version

Dumb Ways To Die (Minecraft Edition)

for all the new ppl who joined the server

Found that awhile ago. Still amusing

New to me! Very cute. Thanks for sharing.

I enjoyed trying to spot the youtubers in it when I watched it. From that thumbnail I can see (left to right, top to bottom):
CaptainSparklez, Beebop Vox, Sips and Sjin of the Yogscast, Martyn/InTheLittleWood, (don’t know the rest of that row either), Gamechap and Bertie (don’t know who is who), Antvenom between those two, Trottimus, Alsmiffy and Ross/Djh3max of Hatfilms, A zombie, Vareide, Ridgedog, Lewis and Simon of the Yogscast.

Only ones I knew offhand were Lewis and Simon XD. I was mad anderzel want there though

Woah, I did not notice they were famous youtubers. Though now that you mention it I see the Yogscast guy.

sad thing is I have done all of that.

At the ‘skelly stew’ part, the skeleton was holding a cookbook labeled ‘To Serve Man’…

…reference, anyone?

[spoiler=Hover your mouse over this fool.]