Minecraft Username: Ducky4408

Date of Ban: 02-11-2020

Banned by: Im not sure

Reason for Ban: I copied a building

Reason to be Unbanned: I would like to become a member and actually build on the server. I was also told that staff have nothing against me as of now and that I would not get banned as long as I didn’t copy any other buildings other then the one I already did.

Previous appeals: No

Banned by @jmvvana, I’ll let him sort it out

You were banned by me under the ban reason “Copying builds from Bogota to paste on another server, Advertising another server. Appeal on

First I’ll address advertising. You only mentioned the name of your server and did not provide the IP in public chat, so this is minor and can be forgiven. On the other hand, copying other players builds is an issue. This is against our rules, and ignorance of these rules is no excuse. You copied one building in Bogota that was built by Zwinky/Silverhawk in 2017, and had it replicated on the aforementioned server. I don’t believe schematica was used. You’ve been cooperative and helped provide a few other players also suspected of stealing builds. I want you to remove the copied building from your other server, and you will never steal another player’s build. You may take screenshots of buildings to be used as inspiration, but outright copying a build is plagiarism. I will give you a one week ban to be served from 11th Feb 2020 to 18th Feb 2020, in this time you should remove the build from your server, and assist our staff team in stopping further build stealing, as you have said that Project City Build is a “go to” for players from your server to come to and steal builds. If you are found to be stealing builds you will be permanently banned.

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