Dropping RPC, | new programs RPCY & RPYSS & CRJ-A

The idea of managing a river cruise company, a cruise industry, an aircraft industry, a yacht management/yacht charter company, a Yacht insurance agency, and a harbor that’s just to big has gone down, down, and then, to crap. None of the members I have recruited are doing anything (not much - there is one however). So, from this day fourth, Royal Projectian Cruises ceases operations, and all or most assets and subsidiaries will too. Besides the yachting charter, the yacht selling service, and a new rebranded airline (Caribbean-RetroJet airways) you can forget about the others. While this may sound bad, or even horrible, there are many pros and a few cons to this new program.

  • Less Cruise Ships, Less work
  • More yachts, (fun)
  • Less projects, assets and subsidiaries to worry about (less stressful)
  • New airline
  • Rebranded Yacht Charter, now charter yachts under your name
  • Rebranded Yachts for Sale Co., you can now buy a yacht (no more book and quill contracts)
  • Just in general, less work and less ‘‘stuff’’.


  • No more cruise ships
  • Less subsidiaries (means less people)
  • Less work, (you may get bored here and there)
    Now the exciting part. Going through the cons and pros of RPCY, RPYSS, CRJ-A
    To be in a later post
    This post is just to let everyone know to discontinue all work on cruise ships

NOTE: One hull of a cruise ship, a modernized SS United States, will be kept, for it only has 200 rooms (and about 360 guests) and can very easily be converted into a cruise yacht of proportionate sizes (for a yacht).

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