Dragonhippie's Vacation house. :D

[Blazorfire: Cheese cake!]

i put that in there cause i was too quick with the screenshot XD lols

front of the house.

Lounge Room

Kitchen!! CAKE!! nom nom nom…

Just more good Outside Pictures XD

hope you like it and hope to see good comments.
thank you,

Cordinates to the house if you want a better look. WARNING! NO GRIEFING! LOCKED CHESTS SO DONT THINK ABOUT IT!!

X: -642.984061
y: 75.620000
z: -94.1088408

Nice house!

Also, what texture pack is that?

its the painterly pack, If u wish i have a download link for it.
it’s called the bro pack, because all my brothers love it and i’ve named it that XD so be careful of this BROPACK! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! jk jk
ok back to the download link…
mediafire rules viruses free if u dont trust me scan it or What ever. But i guarantee its only full of pictures XD

And thanks for the lovely comment about the house :slight_smile:

Pretty epic bro xD
I like the doggie. :stuck_out_tongue:

thx man :smiley:

Nice house, Nice tex pack!

Looks nice! It would be a ssshame if anything happened to it. JK lol :wink:

BTW, I had the exact same thing for the fly mod - “I’m Flying!!!”

thanks man :smiley:

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