I’m sure we all have noticed the increased lag as of late. Due to this, our host has temporarily suspended our server. We were using too much of the CPU.

I felt that I should share this news since many were probably wondering.

I do not know the specifics, but I’m sure it’s an interesting tale.

It’s a very long one. I’m afraid I was unable to determine the cause of the CPU usage increase before we got suspended :frowning:

Aw man, It’s hard enough as it is to go a day without minecraft. But a day without the SMP server like traveling to Mordor in a wheelchair…without any wheels on it. Hope the server gets back up soon! :’(

cant somebody else host the server? ???

beta servers are very taxing on a PC or domain, not to mention on bandwith XD, unless your willing to pay for one hempa then let Andy sort things out and be patient =]

Ok :frowning: just wondering how much ram and bandwith does teh server take?

well i would say min for ramm would be around 2gb, 4 for a good server, and im not too sure about bandwith, all i know is i dont have a fast enough connection XD, 4mb download 0.6mb upload and with lag of 130ms on a bad day… (today) XD

ok… just soo you guys know… my computer has 6gb ram, 9.66 mbps download and 8.51 mbps upload

Andy. Whos Hosting the server at the moment? because i have alot to tell you.
Cause Of Lag= Map Plugin (if being viewed), some other plguins, BB (i reaserched it. its alot of cpu. we might have to turn that off and go whitelisted)

Server Host= where is it hosted? our best bet for a host should be in the UK as its the central for all of us/ Or the east cost. I Will look for another host because from what i hear. the one were on is NOT good at all.

The New Joining Rule- need votes for this. I vote that when somone joins. we say hellothere name
they have 10 seconds to respond. then we tell them to respond in 10 seconds. if they do not respond then we kick them. if they rejoin repeat the process. This is to asure that no Bots- afkers- greifers get in, it also can free up server space.

Do you mean the online map? If you do then i’m really sorry, iv been viewing and then leaving it open. Ill stop doing that now if it is the cause of the lag.

What if a legit person joins, but for some reason (lag, freezing, minecraft not responding) cannot respond within that time?

I agree with Hard about the joining rule but I also agree with Liam about the lag. Maybe we should give them a little more time? 15 seconds maybe?

It can take me more than 10 secs to load. Oh an I live abot 500-900 miles away from the server and its always slow.

Thats why its kick. not ban. they can rejoin if they lagged

Soo… Whats the deal right now? Are you admins just looking for a new server host or is it the kind of deal when we have to donate?
just curious^^ :stuck_out_tongue:

We Dont Get No AFK sign like you classic boys. We have Hardcore survival!

Ugh, its been two days without the server…I feel like I’m going to die! That server consumed my life and now I dont know what to do without it! Well, I could always go outside but, that would mean I actually have to, you know, leave my room… shivers

Server Update

A support ticket was submitted, and is currently being looked at.
The cause of the suspension was for using more than 200% of our alloted CPU for a prolonged period of time. We have access to 2 x 2.8Ghz CPUs.

We are having the same problems as alot of other servers at the moment running bukkit (see The server load would usually be around 10-30%, but lately it has been much higher. The problem may not even be bukkit itself, but changes in the Minecraft code.

So please bear with us, we will hopefully try and get the server up within the next day, and then start a long process of trying to get everything sorted out.

Now I’m not saying it’s a GOOD thing we got suspended, but I think it’s nice for the server to be down temporarily so that we can sort the issue out and see what develops in the Bukkit forums.

If anything, we weren’t doing a good job of getting new members with the way the server was lagging and some current members couldn’t handle the lag (I know I couldn’t) so it’s for the best right now.

Also, if we can’t fix the CPU issue then do NOT bring the server back online. Otherwise it’ll be the same as earlier this week.

OMG! but… what if there are creepers outside your room?! have you made a clock? or got windows so you can see when its daytime? if youveture outside make sure to take a sword. good luck out there!