I don’t really know where to put this but people please stop double+ posting and learn how to use edit/modify, there is a reason its there, so the boards don’t get spammed up with double posts. I pretty much edit every post I make because sometimes you just need to say a little more without posting again. I think its fine if you double post at the thread starter to reserve the post below incase there is a real reason. Please correct me if im wrong and i’ll feel free to edit it.

I’m still kind of working on the rules and trying to make them look nice and neat.

If you see anyone double posting, either merge the posts or remove one of them (if the first/second post contributes nothing to the thread, remove it).

I will be adding a new thread to the OP section of the forums explaining how to Warn a user. Please check it out after reading this post.

After merging posts, also add something along of the lines of
[EDITED BY LIAM599: Please do not double post]