DotA 2 Training?

Lol, just got Dota 2 beta invite, but i have NO idea how to play. If anyone here has it aswell, who wants to teach me?

The Yogscast has a good 10-20 videos on DOTA. You should go check them out from the beginning and go from there.

What exactly are you having trouble with? The individual heroes? The actual objectives of the game?

If you’re talking about the objective, the aim is to destroy the enemy team’s “shrine” (the big structure at the back of their base). Kill “creeps” (the small units) to get money and XP. Buy items to get stronger and kill enemy heroes (while avoiding getting killed).

Nevermind peoples! I am trained in ze basics. Its really a fun game.

Its a really fun strategy game zesty, and it takes some dedication to get good at it, and its easily addictive
EDIT: just like to add that, in it’s current state, you need to do a survey, and Valve will invite you if they feel necessary.

i play HoN