Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6

This is the last episode :frowning:


Thank you for keeping us updated, Octo. Will watch ASAP.

Best series since Salad Fingers, sad to see it end.

Just watched it. Excellent conclusion to the series. There were lots of tiny details hidden in the episodes that tie everything together, apparently. I picked up on a few. Here and here are some theories/background.

Oh boy. I’ve watched this series since it started, and I was waiting for the sixth one to be released since you posted the fifth. Haven’t watched the sixth, bet it will be great. :slight_smile: It is great. Like the ending. Also, perfect timing, it’s June 20th.

Surprisingly mild compared to the previous ones :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I hated all the previous ones, yet still had the compulsion to watch this one, and it wasn’t so bad.


I actually thought this was the weirdest since the first. Probably because they went for a different twist, rather than just having raw meat everywhere as usual.

[ul][li]The dreams song was really unsettling. Usually they start off nice and catchy and then they change, but this was out of tune and creepy from the start.[/li]
[li]The oil drowning bit was fucked up with the repeating “bad dream” and the lamp just standing there[/li]
[li]The whole office part was just weird[/li]
[li]The part with Roy’s arm where he reaches out of the smoke, and then slides through it. The screams of Yellow guy in the background and the music didn’t help.[/li]
[li]Roy is watching over us all in the end credits.[/li][/ul]