Dont forget to say "good riddance!" while I'm banned!

And don’t expect any of my friends ;D

Saz, im sorry, but if you come on the server, demanding to have trusted, then saying you are going to leave and tell your friends not to join, because you didnt get a rank, what do you expect?

I told you that the players on could not change your rank. You insisted on leaving.

We gave you fair warning that you would have to wait for Sipjca/ another admin to rank you up.

Now, mind you that the server is in public BETA and everything may not be as you want it to be. Believe us, we are working on getting everything put in the right place so the server will be more enjoyable for everyone.

Heres one rule that may apply to ALL servers

“If you are appropriate for a promotion, you will receive it. Asking does not help your case and only pesters staff.”

I know i’m not directly related to this, but this isn’t a ban appeal either. But i just wanted to get this rule across.

Also, why is this in “Hello World” section?

Noclue, but I’m not too worried about it.

This hasn’t helped you at all either, as people will now think you’re a bit of an ass…

Don’t ask. Earn it.

If you think that demanding isn’t going to get you into a major company or such, then why do it here?

A week late and hopefully not a dollar short.

Nothing of value was lost and I have nothing more to contribute since Liam sums it up perfectly.

Locking this just in case.