donation question

hi guys i recently donated 20 usd and i was wondering how to get the spawn eggs of my choice. so far no one has been able to tell me so i hope i get some replies.

Thank you for your donation! We just need spec to confirm the donation and a SOP will give you your eggs.

You can also post here what you would like and where you would like it left for you. I can help if I see you on or at least know where to leave your thank you.

thanks for the idea kyle…

spawn eggs:

5 ozelot
10 horse
5 wolf

it would be nice if they could be left in a private chest in front of my house.

directions my house is in Wildefay… go forward about 10 blocks and then turn left. there should be a house with fenced in horses with names. behind that house is my house. another hint is be the water side there will be a horse with a diamond barding. he is mine… to the left of him is my house
there will also be a sign saying “minikitkat1”


Items dropped off with your name on the chest. Locked of course. Once you have gotten your items, post here and we can lock the thread.

Thanks once more!

i got them thanks!! :slight_smile: