Donation Perks?

If I donate to the server do I get perks? If so what type of perks can I receive?

A gold sticker and a pat on the back

Right now I don’t think you can donate… But the perks are you get ingame cash, fly rights in survival (I think), and teleport. I’m pretty sure that’s all of it correct me if I’m wrong XD

Actually, you can donate on Paypal from what I heard from _andy and I know a couple of people that have donated.

Try clicking the donate button XD

I thought one of the perks was 3 homes, could be wrong

All the rights of a Trusted member plus:
A green name in game
$1000 in game (I think)
Reserved server slot
Title of ‘$’

I think that’s it.

And now for the smallprint:

[size=0.7em]Perks dependant on amount donated. $2 = 1 month of perks. $20 = lifetime perks. Perks may be withdrawn at any time . By donating you agree that perks given does not make you immune from server rules (i.e. you can still be banned) Donations are non-refundable. 100% of the donated money will go towards costs of hosting the servers and/or website.

Are the perks not officially anywhere? If not they should be

The website is not complete. When _andy has the time I am sure he will add more information…

Thanks Ruby for the useful info. So if I donate 20 right now when will i receive the lifetime perks?

I believe so. We can set you up with the “Donator” Rank.

Awesome thanks ka. I’ll donate right now!
Edit: Um… the donation button is working… what should i do?

Like I said right now you cannot donate at this very time.

Also don’t double post use the edit button on the top right of your post.

Ok sacred thanks for the info. Sorry bout that ill remember for future reference :slight_smile:

If its working, and your thinking of donating, donate…

He meant its not working.

Here are the donator perks:

Donators ($2USD per month or $20USD for life):

Increased home limit
Death chests
$500 in game money for every $1 donated
2 spawn eggs of your choice
Trusted rank permissions
Access to old survival map
Back command
Custom nicknames
Teleport commands

If you would like to donate please send the money through Paypal to REDACTED
Please make sure you send the donation as a “Personal” donation (not purchase) and tick the “Other” box. Make sure you include your Minecraft username. Thank you for considering a donation to PCB. All proceeds are used towards the running expenses of the server.

Ive donated 20 dollars :slight_smile:

Thanks for the donation! I see Spec was kind enough to help out here. Now we have a way to allow donations again.

Your a great builder Nam, glad to have you with us!