Donation Matching Entrants - 5 Player Gordopoly

@thejoshua79 @Tattor_That @buns100 @Totqlity @Gordo

To determine the winner of the $60.00 steam game(s)/dlc(s), we will have a 5 player game of Gordopoly.

The game will not end until one winner remains.

Please post your availability below that falls within the following timeslots, as I will be the referee.

10-24-20 15:00-00:00 MST (AZ)
10-25-20 12:00-00:00 MST (AZ)
10-27-20 ANYTIME
10-28-20 ANYTIME
10-29-20 ANYTIME
10-30-20 ANYTIME
10-31-20 ANYTIME

Anyone who fails to respond will forfeit their entry into this competition.

The winner of the competition will be gifted up to $60.00USD in Steam prizes. They may share their winnings with others, if they wish.

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I forfeit my entry (in just not interested in Steam games and I’d rather let someone else have those games than me)

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The 28th is prolly best for me, but can work around everybody else’s schedule. Just not this weekend.

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I am free 27th and 29th best, but I can also work around as well.

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Turns out this week is gonna be busier than I expected, i’ll have to forfeit my entry - good luck to the others!

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@Tattor_That Only waiting on you

Any weekend days is best for me. Prob around 10 am cemtral time.

But I have no idea what gordopolly is. So ima let someone else win.

So you’re forfeiting?

1v1 me @buns100

Is the 27th fine @Gordo @buns100 ?

Yes I am ready to beat Buns100 on the 27th of October!


27th works for me anytime after 1:00pm PST

You guys may go ahead and start, I won’t be available tomorrow to ref but if you guys happen to be on simultaneously just start it up.

So uh… that didn’t go well. :frowning:

Geegee @buns100

hate to see it