Donation matching announcement!

Hey y’all, in lieu of the donation cost going from $20 to $30 for permanent donator status, I’ve decided that for the next month I’ll match peoples donations.
I’ll match up to $60 total.
So, if four people donate $15 I’ll provide the other $15 for them to get donator status.
If you do donate, write how much you donated on this thread and once I verify that you have indeed given that amount I’ll donate the same amount in your name.


Thats fantastic! :clap:t6::open_hands:t6:

Awesome John! Thanks for helping the community!! :grin:

That’s really noble of you… now if only I had 15 dollars… Lol

Just a brief reminder, for the next five days I am still matching $15 donations for people to get donator rank! (Up to $60 total)
Take advantage while you can!
And, of course, thank you for supporting PCB

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