Donation bar

So I noticed were over halfway to the $600 bar on the website’s homepage… What happens when we hit it?

The world may never know.

The end goal will increase.


Heck… I don’t even know. The website might explode.

Edit: 1500 posts!

Pure evil.

oh god, we should prepare for an explosion… Because… maybe spec is going to have a TNT party…

I’m slightly worried by the one that’s winning… :o . I voted for free cookies. (or stacks of diamond blocks)
Just had a look at the bar and it said something about donator site. Am I missing out on some really cool thing?

Honestly, I believe that number represents the cost of running PCB for 1 year. All leftover expenses are paid by our dear _SpecialK. The costs have changed over time, so I think the real cost has changed.

I vote for a giveaway. I want all admin, but we really can’t just hope for the best. Although… all staff going admin for a day or two…

That is the cost of running the main server for 1 year. This does not include domain names, the website server and our other servers (FTB/Tekkit/Pixelmon etc) which adds up to significantly more.

Mother of god… noone would survive that.