Donation [6.68 USD]

Well, assuming I didn’t do any wrong math, and assuming that PayPal did what it was supposed to, Spec should be receiving a $6.68 donation from me, bringing the bar only $5 away from reaching the goal!

To put that money to good use, I’d like to give 1-month Donator perms to each whbilbo, jmvvana, and maddygabbyy (I think that’s her full username? The extra letter may be something different if there is one at all.) Think of it as a little late Christmas present.

Let’s hit that goal before 2016!

Everything has updated, and we’re officially at the $1,000 mark! Thanks so much to everyone who has donated to keep this server alive.

John and Kurry topped it off, by the way.

Money in the bank!!

Thanks to all who donated!

For this who didn’t know already, donations go towards @Johnathan’s Mediterranean holiday fund, this year, because we reached the $1000 mark, he’ll be flying business class! (Jks it keeps the server running) ;D

Here I was wanting to donate, can we add a cheeky 10 or so to the bar?

But thanks Ferfy!

This is, I believe, the first time we’ve ever actually hit the goal. Yay!

Thanks Ferf! :smiley:

Thanks so much, Ferf!

You’re the best!

-Jm typing on his phone (that’s why this was short)

By the way, can I be changed to a Trusted/Donator hybrid? Thank you!

Thanks, Mark, for making me the hybrid!

Maddygabbyy also said she would like to be switched to a trusted/ donator hybrid if that’s alright. :slight_smile:

Sorry about necing this post but tomorrow our month ends, :smiley:

I donated $5 earlier and the months were never given to anyone, if you want them.