Donating by only PayPal?

Hi guys,

Me and also some friends of me or people who are on the server do not like/cannot donate or buy a rank with PayPal because they are too young or parents don’t trust it. Maybe staff needs to add something like PaymentWall (Paysafecard, …). I think when that is added more people are going to buy a rank because a lot of players (surely not all of them) are not allowed to have PayPal. To give an example: I’m 13 years old (don’t have PayPal) and want to buy a rank. My mother doesn’t likes to pay with it. So i cannot buy a rank. That’s so unfortunate!

Let me know what you guys think off it!
(sorry for my bad english)

  1. PayPal is used because it’s secure for both parties.
  2. Just to clarify, you are NOT buying a rank. We are giving you perks as a thank you for your donation.
  3. I’ll wait for an admins clarification, but I’m fairly sure, unfortunately we cannot accept donations by any other method.

Thanks for your interest in donating :slight_smile:

I have an idea, which I have posted in the staff section. For non staff, it’s possible and may be done soon™.

On another note,
Should this not be in the suggestions thread or whatever its called?