Donated! :D!

Just donated $20 bucks to you andy, Hope it helps make the severs FASTER! :D:D:D:D

Thank you for donating to PCB xD enjoy your perks! Lol thanks Keat.

Awesome Keat :smiley:

$20 bucks? $20 deers? loljk :stuck_out_tongue:

Keat u just helped save all the players on the server from one threat: Server Destruction

Thanks Keat!

Since you already have a primary group I assigned Donator as a sub-group. Hope it works in-game :confused:

Just tried it out, Death chest does not seem to work. Couldn’t you just assign me the the permissions? Oh and also don’t be in any rush to apply them, Take your time :slight_smile:

I can, but I’d like to try get it sorted out the proper way so I don’t have to assign individual permissions to each multi-group donator, especially since the permissions could change