Donated $5 earlier

As earlier mentioned in a post, I donated $5. Didn’t realize I hadn’t done anything with it yet. Could you give AirstarAirways a month of donator and do whatever with the other $2?
-Billy Mays of the Oxy Clean corporation LLC

Thank you King!

Thanks a lot!

Thank you for donating!..

…Again …

(how many times have you donated? and how much in total?)

Three times so far, and like $45-50 I think!

If someone could set @Whatever 's rank to donator that would be great thanks.

Could someone do this please?

@_specialk Ferf said you were the one who did this stuff, could you give HitsHard and CopperTurtle a month of donator?

I actually believe we are looking to revise this ability to pay for multiple people at once. It just seems silly when we have someone donating ten dollars and handing it out to five people, y’know?

I just wanted to bump it up to $1000 before 2015 ended. I figure I may as well give my friends donator perms ^.^