Does anyone know anything about C?

I am starting to learn the c langauge and i was wandering if anyone can help me with this?

Verify that the expression getchar() ! = EOF is 0 or 1

any help would be Greeeaaat!

I personally haven’t done any c programming, looked at some c code though, I don’t know the answer, but you can ask a question on, the people there usually help out very quickly. Heck they’ve helped me out on 3 Java/Android programming questions.

k thanks
i’ll give it a try

Im guessing you are in a class and asking that question because its part of your homework? If you have any questions with Python, I can help you with that because that’s the language I learned to code in.

nahh. i just want to start learning about coding and i’m, reading this good book. Its telling me to try this exercise but i do not understandz it.


To any one of you that wants to learn even simple coding. that site can help u learn

In that case i’d suggest learning Python first because its slightly less technical than other languages, plus you’ll learn unix commands and stuff like that along the way but obviously its your call. Do you have a mac or a PC?

I agree, I think I should have started out with a simpler language, makes more sense to just get yourself somewhat familiar with how programming works and how things affect eachother.

Right, plus they’re all not that far off each other, learn the more simple one first and it will be wayyyyy easier to go down the layers of the computer and learn C++, C+, and finally C. Also if you have a Mac, python is hidden within the OS already.

Java is too I believe previous to Lion right?

Sorry for totally hijacking the thread

Yep you got it

I can help with almost any web programming, SQL or Can’t help with C/C++ though sorry :frowning:

Are you sure C+ is a language? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha wow, I’m sure it’s not a language. Brainfart


Probably the first PCB forum post to really make me laugh. Nice

I try my best xD

lol ;D