Does anyone know a millionaire?

Hello guys. My marching band is planning on travelling to Kerkrade in Holland for the World Music Contest in July. But there is a problem, the cost for the travel and accommodation is £11,235.30. Sadly as we are a self funded organization we cannot afford to go at the moment and are around £6000 short. This is very worrying because as the only band from England that has qualified for the World Championships it will be very sad if we cannot go. We are looking for donations from companies that anyone knows (or millionaires) that would be willing to sponsor us.

It is mainly for the English folk on the server because to donate the band must be supplied with your company name, address, phone number and name of person who we (the band) should contact for a application form.

I know it’s a long shot. But we need £6000 in a short space of time and we have represented England at the last 7 world championships.

Thanks, whubilly10

This is a serious post Nick…

I actually know someone who may help you out…honestly i do…

You may not of heard of him but his name is Jeff Hazlet. (Idk how to spell his last name). He is my godmother’s husband. He has made appearences in some movies i cant list either. Once i get the proper information, Ill send it to you.

Also, Whos nick?

I thought your name was Nick…

Nope not even close to it.

Bumpity bump bump.

If you’re representing England, then perhaps the Royal family or government should sponsor you? Doubt that would be possible though, seeing as I’ve heard they’re all snotty.

That would be a good idea… We have been to the local council and they won’t give us any money. England has it’s morals all messed up.

I haz an idea. You could host a recital to listen to ur band play :smiley:

okay i need somz info: How many people in ur band, how much seats does ur school auditorium hold.

Im thinking about tickets at 10 dollars for kids/seniors/students and 14 for adults?

It seems like they wont have enough time…

Contact some of the Radio networks. Like BBC One? Or something along those lines

That will be the last resort. We are going to go to the regional news channel and the breakfast television shows and we are going to beg lol…

We last held a concert in December. The band has 85 playing members and staff so I’m not sure how many playing members that is, and the band hall holds about 200 people. But we are busy preparing our music for the worlds and Sweden international Music Tattoo in May, so we are very busy and wouldn’t be able to learn pieces for a concert as well.

I don’t think the music will fit with Radio 1 really, unless you can find a show on there that does their type of music.

Classic FM!

We are going to try and ask BBC Breakfast, Daybreak, London tonight and other tv shows for help but that is the very last resort.

If I was a millionaire I would give you the money <3

It’s ok Robin, a lot of stuff is being organized and we do have a few weeks to get money in.

I will keep everyone updated on how we do.

You could always set up a Kickstarter. It’s less of a longshot than getting a millionaire to help you out so it’s more likely to work.

You could send the link to friends, family, and people in your town.