do you know me?

I am just curios how many people know me? hint: I am the owner of Farm Fresh Diner.

I don’t know you. :wink:

slaps robin now you do :slight_smile:

To be honest, before talking to you of TS I didn’t really know you! But now I do!

that’s the thing I love about ts you get to know people really well

Quite so.

I know yeah! :3
<3 koalamama

I wonder what reaction would be if I made something like this … I’m really curious now (Damn this is what happens when I surf the forums after being slightly inactive)

I remember you spamming if anybody wanted to visit your diner on the chat…

Lol yes I do know you :wink:

Yeah I know you, At least I think I do…

lol good times ::slight_smile: jk that was a annoying time