Do this. And do not edit your post

Read these questions:

1.) What is 1+1
2.) write a square
3.) color or colour?
4.) Type your name with closed eyes
5.) Go draw a triangle
6.) Go eat some
7.) Go play minecraft and get banned
8.) are you stupid?
9.) do you like minecraft
10.) go back to the first sentence and post below if I got you!

The color or coulour one is just the american / brittish way of spelling…

1 ) 2
2 ) ◘
3 ) color
4 ) Ninjamonk377
5 ) ▲
6 ) Food
7 ) /ban ninjamonk377 CAUSE YOU TOLD ME TOOOOOO!
8 ) Are you?
9 ) Do you?
10 ) I DUN GET ET :I

You dont get it…

I’ll tell the joke after 12.00 my time

If its a joke then its bad, sorry just being brutally honest.

Didn’t get me.

Also, not all of them are questions… but still.

It’s not a bad joke, if you get it.

1.) 10 Base2.
2.) A Square
3.) Colour
4.) Michael O.
I look so stoned in this for some reason.
6.) I couldn’t find someone called some. So I ate chocolate instead.

8.) No, I’m Michael.
9.) Yes.
10.) Recursion Detected.

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.> i dun get it…

Read the first sentence

“Read these questions” Dont do them.

only read questions, dont do answers lol



Ooohh… Cleverzors.



Locked xD

Heh, its like my Gr.7 test all over again… the last question said you didn’t have to do any of them.