Name: DMBjr

Reason for Ban: Griefing a wall

Reason for UnBan: My sister came and stole the computer and griefed it. It was her fault (She’s 5 BTW) Id love it if you would un ban me.


I think it may have been me who banned you. Your story seems fair enough and fits what happened at the time, as I watched you grief one of my builds after being afk for a while. In future, please remember that whatever happens on your account is your responsibility.

I’ll unban you now.

I know this is a locked topic, but Liam - most 5 year olds barely know what a computer is… much less be able to physically take it, log onto Minecraft, figure out how to play the game, log onto the server, and grief…

I personally don’t believe this… at all.

Im assuming that his sister came in while it His minecraft was up.

: My sister came and stole the computer and griefed it.

Yeah goof, he means she went onto the computer, there wasn’t a password, minecraft was up and she started messing around.

I think he means that anyway. Anyway, he’s unbanned now.

That is what he meant. He was stood infront of me, went afk, then a couple of minutes later started spam clicking around randomly infront of me. If anything happens again he can easily be rebanned.