Dispute Between Me and Fili.

When I got on today I saw that Fili had taken down my farm in his town. He said that he was taking it down because he was building an inn there. Well the only thing i saw before a build the farm was around 4-6 blocks of wood in which I thought were outlining the path. So i destroyed them and spent about an hour making a nice public farm. I would have been fine if he gave me my stuff back. But he burned them. He also said that I built without permission. lemme quote you here fili,

You said it was free building. Im sorry that I did not realize that and inn was being build there. But you could have at least given me the supplies I used to build it. I spent and hour on that and you spent maybe a minute to place a few wood blocks? I thought I would bring this to the forums and not continue to argue in-game. My point is that who is in the wrong here? Im pretty sure its not me.

fili, your response?

I would just like to say regarding this matter that its kind of fruitless at the moment, the map will be cleared (hopefully soon) when the bukkit RB is finished, the survival server that is up as of now (correct me if I’m wrong) is KINDOF just a mess around server to fill the gap till the update.

For now i would just recommend moving away and making your own home, try out the enchanting and the potion making, and have fun till things get really serious again =]

Use this as time to get used to the new features, how to craft things etc :smiley:
But, in the future to avoid things like this happening, if you have plans to build somewhere, clearly mark the land with a sign.

Nevertheless, Fili made a dick move. We all have before, but he should have told you.

Every time I log on something has happened to my house… I think I will just come on the server to speak… not play.

Me too whub, and my house is right next to spawn on the sand island and everything in my house is gone, including my farm and cactus. I’ll be glad when the server restarts.

Thing was there was definitely more than 20 blocks of wood on there, so don’t be accusing me of things you weren’t even present for etc. (Trevor).

I don’t know what happened, either it got griefed, someone thought it was free wood, you are lying, or it good creeper’d but whatever it was it was still already getting built on…

I mean, I understand you spent a while on the farm, but you coulda at the least asked I would have let you but since we already have a public farm along with that being built land already and it is not free… You probably should have waited and asked.

You can be all mad at me for destroying the farm but I swear to god there was 20+ wood on the plot before I logged off last night, DragonSlayer, Whubilly, Velite, Golem, etc were present and they would say the same thing.

  • The map is getting wiped I don’t know why people are getting so comfortable…

You destroyed my farm 2 fili… :’(

Fili, you said yourself in your post about the town it was free building. Nowhere did you say, “do not build without permission.”

I don’t like that you think you can go around destroying things just because they “built without permission.” That is an invalid rule that you never announced to me or frankly most people. If you make rules about your town you should probably put them in the forum post you made about it. But you still burnt my items in a fire. They didn’t fall in lava or catch on fire, You threw them in a fire. Which, like trevor said, was a dick move. And I swear that there was no-where NEAR 20 blocks of wood when I built my farm there. I agree with you maybe someone stole them as free wood, or It got creeper bombed. I also agree with liam that you should mark you claimed land with signs from now on.

Seriously man, Before you destroy someones thing you should tell them at least wait till they get back on so you can tell them! I mean the map is getting wiped soon. So why put that rule in place? Who cares if someone built something bad. It will be wiped in like 1 day! My farm was nice and since people always complain on how they are about to die and need food I thought I was doing everyone a favor! Also, at the time I built the farm, nowhere in sight had I seen an outside farm that was open to the public. Fili, I wish to not continue this augment further because I have proven you wrong on all of your points. All I seek is an apology, Because I lost an hour of work, lots of fence, and pumpkin and melon seeds! All you lost was a few blocks of wood.

… I didn’t build the market that was Dragon_Slayer for the last time!! -.-

Guys its getting wiped anyway. If you want to continue discussion do so in a PM. Locked.

True dat.

I just want to say that this instance would be the perfect example of the strike system being used. Lets not let this happen after the wipe, OK?

Sorry to reply, But I thought the strike system would be put in place to handle acts of immaturity, I thought I was doing the mature thing by bringing the issue to the community and not to continue to argue in game which would be fruitless :confused:

Ah, sorry for the confusion Keaton. I am actually very happy you brought this discussion here. Your argument did counter each point Fili brought up. It was clearly a bigger loss to you than Fili. In this case, Fili would be the one with a strike, that is, unless you pardoned him. (remember, strikes would be harmless unless that person earned a lot).

I did not want to say which side I was on, but it seems clear after hearing both sides.

I had more than 20 blocks on the lot… Did you not see me say that… I swear on the bible I did, I don’t know what happened for them to disappear magically unless someone or something removed them.

Oh yeah because I would totally turn around and start going against the server when I have been here longer than many. -.- But it doesn’t even matter anymore so I don’t know why you guys keep commenting!

If you want to continue discussion do so in a PM. Locked.

Kyle was raising other valid points, and fili, you have posted twice after it being locked also.


OH! Sorry Kyle, I thought you were annoyed because I brought this is to the forums. Thanks for clearing that up :D!
Anyway, NOW this is locked, Sorry liam :stuck_out_tongue: