Minecraft Username: DisneyFan07

Date of Ban: 04-15-2020

Banned by: i don’t know

Reason for Ban: Apparently I broke something on the Melon Island. I don’t remember braking anything but maybe i accidentally did when i flew over it because I was clicking my mouse randomly.

Reason to be Unbanned: The server is restarting and just started to build something new and would not like to loose it and this is the only way that i can play with my friends right now.

Previous appeals: yes it was because i stole some things in survival and did not know i could get banned from that

DisneyFan07, You have done quite enough on this server, we counted multiple blocks damaged, your name was on the Logblock results- and a member of senior staff can confirm this. You have only recently been unbanned for past griefs and You clearly haven’t read the rules through. Despite past attempts to keep yourself in check you’ve clearly failed at this. You’ll remain banned at this time.

Next time try to write not only a better appeal but try to mature.

Locked. Remaining Banned