Minecraft Username: Disneyfan07

Date of Ban: 04-11-2020

Banned by: i don’t know

Reason for Ban: i was playing survival and stoled items and did not know you could get banned.

Reason to be Unbanned: i have really cool buildings in creative me and LTH_43 build a city called lakeshore and worked really hard on it and just started another city along with a few other people and would not like to loose all of our work on such a great server

Previous appeals: no i have not

Banned by @whbilbo

can i get unbaned please

i know it was my first survival game
i did not know

did you unban me

Disney, patience. Whbilbo will respond soon.

Disney. Due to the Impatient nature of your appeal and your unnecessary mail, I’m not the most inclined to let you back into the community.

Members of the server are expected to have read the Rules of the server, and even then, Stealing items, and destroying property is not allowed. This also applies for survival. It’s also logical that you wouldn’t break/steal someone else’s items if they didn’t break/steal yours.

Your reasons to be unbanned are not related to survival in the slightest and seem very demanding which is definitely not helping your case. However, seeing as how this is your first Ban, I HIGHLY advise you read over the rules and make yourself a Decent member of the community.
You’ll Be Unbanned. However I wont be too kind in the future.

thank you so much and im sorry