[Discussion] Life Changing/Realization

Was there anything that happened on this server that made you ever realize something or change your life?

Just thought we would have a nice discussion over all the commotion that’s going on right now.
Please dont post anything negative and make us all feel bad. 8)

My Realization

I realized that when working together as a community makes things a whole lot easier and fun. I also realized how making friends and connections can really help you(Shoutout to Posvil for protecting me because I cant keep myself alive while building. Also to dordsor for supplying my city with pretty much everything as well as fairy for donating 213123123123123131212infinty stone. :))

I realised that when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.

I realized that you have to take risks. You have to branch out for the greater good, even if that means making you look bad. I also realized that people come and go, but the ones who stay are the ones worth fighting for.
<3 koalamama

I realized i have a beginning career in creating music. I also realized im screwed if im chosen as a tribute in the next Annual hunger games .-.

I learned that peeps online are more fun than peeps IRL. :slight_smile:

I’ve possibly saved a person from committing suicide once, due to their actions on the server, I told a family member of theirs through facebook.

Can confirm, I was there. Did you ever get a response from that John?

I didn’t, actually… Kindof sad that I didnt.

Very Interesting Thread, I like it skee.

 For me, I could write a book about this server, what it has done for me, what it has done for others and why a simple minecraft server can become a life changing experience but for now, i'ma just explain a few things this server done for me.

 From the start it was just a simple server I went on and played with a friend, had some fun playing minecraft and building shiz.  After a good amount of months of not playing, I randomly came back, and I ended up getting trusted.  This is when I actually started to try and get to know the members of PCB and started to make friends here, but really it wasn't anything big, just having fun on a minecraft server still. Eventually I started becoming friends with other staff members and met some amazing people and had some great times. Finally I got staff and started talking more with other staff making even more friends who I then could constantly talk to.

 With these new friends of staff, we were like a family, when ever 1 was feeling sad, there was always another person who you could talk to for help.  I sometimes just hanged out with the staff and had fun but sometimes when I had a personal problem, I now had people who I could talk to about my issues.  Before this was never the situation. (IRL friends sometimes can be total dicks.)

 The server also made me get more self confidence with people not judging me on how I looked or what they saw me as, but more of how I acted, a more of my true self.  People like Sacred and Prilly, became some of my best friends who I can constantly just talk to about stuff, or even just other staff members like shadow, john, meta, spec... ect.  

 This is why this server is amazing, because we are more than just a minecraft server, we become a family.  There have been times where some members get sad and depressed but then the entire server tries their hardest to cheer them up.  We actually try to help 1 another and care for 1 another even when we never met most of the people on here IRL.  The last thing is that people always say that you are who your friends are, and IMHO the people of PCB are amazing people and if I ever want to be as amazing as some of them are, I'm going to have to make them my family.

 So I say yeah, PCB has made a big effect on my life, giving me lifelong amazing friends who actually care about my well-being, teaching me some great life lessons, and even giving me some inspiration toward my dream-job of becoming an engineer.

Being staff member on this server has helped me define the kind of model I want to set for people along with helping me control maturity and reason. Sometimes I can be silly and be your friend but other times I can be responsible and filled with insight if I need to be. Overall my experience on this server makes it so in real life I can be more helpful to others because in reality I’m like people’s personal guidance counselors anyway and helping people sort out their issues

Although i haven’t been on as long as some people, imthis server has taught.me i can be sociable and that i do have good ideas. It has helped keep me writing a book i was beginning to regret. I am now halfway through it.

I have learned that this server is like a second family we look out each other. When one of us is down in the dumps the whole community pitches in to make your day better. People will help you if you are taking on an impossible task. Sometimes minecraft is fun just to roam around through the world. We can have fun without being serious. If you mess up they will forgive you. But most importantly we learn from every experience and become closer.

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You gotta act yourself. Don’t hide behind an internet face thing, don’t be as shy and don’t worry about being a dick if it’s necessary.

I’ve learn’t that you can meet some of the nicest people, server/internet, and some of the worst.

I’ve learned that sometimes you have just as much family here as you do in real life. That we’re one big family. And that’s pretty cool.

Well I’ve learned that tweed is scottish, so yeah. That’s something.

Completely agree with that not just staff, but there are quite a handful of players that are like that too