Discussion Concerning Hard Mode

Here’s the biggest problem on the server:

Hardmode gets activated, by people who want to experience Terraria fully. That’s totally fine. But the problem is Corruption starts overtaking spawn and everything else, causing lots of problems and an ugly world. The Corrupters’ saliva spawns Corruption where it lands.

Here are the options:

  1. Fence off corruption using Hellevators and walls with several doors. Applies to Hallow as well.
  2. Add Helevators and remove Corrupters (I’m not sure if it’s even possible)
  3. Remove the corruption altogether. HOWEVER, each time a Demon Altar is broken, it spawns more Corruption somewhere in the world.
  4. Let Corruption battle with Hallow and overtake all the pretty green grass.

What’s your guys’ take on this?

welll hollow is stronger than corruption and why cant i summon bosses? except the wall of flesh?

You can, you just need the right conditions for it to be summoned.

For new players Hardmode is basically instant death, and even I can’t kill Hardmode mobs with my meteor weapons. I’m still yet to kill the Wall of Flesh so I don’t actually have any of the new ores

Corruption is getting out of control. Liam’s house got overtaken by it, and spawn is next. We have to think of something soon.

If we could have 2 servers, we could have one for hard mode, and one for normal. For the hard mode server, we could start in normal, do the hellevator idea, making ‘compounds’ for corruption. Then change it to hard mode, and do the same for hallow before it spreads.

I think it’s a good idea to just have an all out weekend of trying to stop the corruption, and reverse it if possible. This is interesting.

Make it into a server event! That would be pretty good xD If we fail, then give players a week to grab their items, and new map?

idk about new map, but im ok with what ever. Im just glad i finally have a good multiplayer server to play on with people that i sorta almost know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Splitting the server up into two servers won’t be as fun as people will be split up.

I dont think it should split, maybe just have a PvP Area?

A giant PVP arena in the sky! With reduced gravity! :smiley:

If it comes to a new map you could always world edit an add the buildings in, and chest (even copys all items in chest) OR couldnt u remove the corruption via world edit if its that bad…

Tbh i dont know alot about terraria as i havent played much of it as i loose interest on my own :frowning:

Problem is people want corruption, it has important items.

Last i checked we were losing the battle, halo 6% corruption 9%
To bad it’s not a game of golf :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you check that?

Speak to the dryad, and click status. It says how much the world is corrupted by :smiley: I have a feeling it will be just a bit more by now… xD

Oh, just a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:

But u could world edit some away, or is there no way/prog/edit that will reverse the currpt alittle

How do I get on the wight list?

Instructions, as well as all the commands are on here: