Disconnected by server: Nope!

… what did that just say? nope! I’m sorry for making posts about my problems here, it’s just that i get quicker reply from all you people. Anyway, I can join fine again, but when i join, i stay in for 1-5 secs and then i get dissconnected by the server saying Nope!

What is this?..

Please leave a reply with a solution,


Just bear with us.

Everytime you log in it currently says
“vaiovista was caught trying to crash the server with an invalid position.”

So Andy is in the process of deleting your current location data. I think this has been the cause of the server crashes in the last few hours.

Try again now.

its happened again :frowning:

Are you using a custom client?

How do you mean?

Are you using just the mincraft client file from the minecraft.net website?

Yes, i’m using the minecraft client

Well Ive moved the creative cove warp which seems to have been playing up. But we need to move you back to an actual location now. Did you warp again before you got kicked out?

i was strolling around looking for mountains

Okay try again. You should be at position 0,0,0


That didnt work…

Go here
Use the web chat to talk to us.

Problem is solved. Locked!