Disco event

Hello guys! Liam599, JoeAbunga, fatso12321 Have made are disco club!

So if you wonna come to there event - (december 18th 15:00.)
then sign on this topic! if you can! 8)

  • We need:
  1. Are bartender
  2. Dancers/players

and its going on youtube, merry christmas everyone :smiley:

15:00 (3pm) EST? GMT? Forum Time? Ill be a dancer.

I think we need a new date xD
how about 30th December 12:00 midday GMT?
need all of the creators to sign here first,
ill be a bartender
gaming, you should be DJ, seeing as you’re recording it
Thanks for themention also!!!

Need BOT Dancers? Im The Guy. If this was alpha i could have a Dacning foor. and FYI i kinda made a disco club… CLUB RIO… in poptown2.

ye then i be the DJ

  • but ye lets say the 30 december :slight_smile:

awesome xD but actually, how about another op be dj, if they have a custom skin, and you record it, as you could walk around to different parts of the disco?

ffs im fresh :wink:

ill be a DJ cuz thats what i do for a living

i dont think this is on anymore… since flatgrass was wiped, unless someone wants to go and recover the disco?

yup i can do it =]


i love a good disco event 8)